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We are proud to share our knowledge and experience on the topic of distilled water and its many uses!

How To Make Distilled Water

How to Make Distilled Water at Home

Learn how to make distilled water at home on your stove top and about our distilled water machines that can make this process as easy as a push of a button or simply turning on the tap.

Distilled Water For Formula

Distilled Water for Baby Formula

Pediatricians and formula makers recommend using distilled water for baby formula because it is clean and free of possible contaminants like lead, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, nitrates, and more. The damage from ingesting these toxins can lead to lifelong health problems, or in extreme cases, death.

Distilled Water For Hair

Distilled Water for Hair Care

Use distilled water for hair care including washing, rinsing, as well as making shampoo and conditioner. Keep your hair shiny and healthy with the help of distilled water.

Distilled Water for Humidifiers

Water for Humidifier

Are you tired of cleaning moldy smelling or crusty humidifiers? Use distilled water for humidifiers instead. There is simply no better water to use to get clean vapor mist into your home, bedroom, or office.

Distilled Water For Dogs, Cats & Pets

Distilled Water for Dogs & Cats

Many people provide distilled water for dogs, cats and other pets because it is clean and toxin free. The process of distillation is natural. A water distiller gently boils tap water; clean, toxin-free steam rises, which then condenses and is collected. Distillation is amazing because it mirrors the natural hydrologic cycle.

Distilled Water For CPAP Machines

Distilled Water for CPAP

Most CPAP machine manufacturers recommend using distilled water for CPAP machines, and the reason for this is simple. CPAP machines are designed to provide continuous positive air pressure for the user, so airways stay open at night.