Water Distillers for Humidifiers

Distilled Water for Humidifiers

Are you tired of cleaning moldy smelling or crusty humidifiers? Use distilled water for humidifiers instead. There is simply no better water to use to get clean vapor mist into your home, bedroom, or office. Humidifiers help keep the air you breathe comfortable and also soothe sore or dry throats when you have a cold or the flu. In addition to that, humidifiers can make the air feel warmer and improve sleep on a cold winter’s night.

Why Does My Humidifier Smell Bad?

Your humidifier might smell bad because you are not cleaning it often enough, or the water you are adding has some bacteria or contaminants in it that are getting warmed up day after day, causing fungus or mold to grow. By using tap water, mold could be entering the air in your living spaces via your humidifier. This is particularly bad if you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, or is immunocompromised.

How Do I Clean My Humidifier?

It is really important to clean your humidifier according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Many vaporizers are cleaned with bleach or vinegar, depending on the unit. If the humidifier has a removable tank and does not have electric parts, it can be usually be cleaned with a bleach and water solution. Be careful to rinse out all bleach before the next use. For electrical parts, proceed carefully. Some manufacturers have you soak specific parts partly in a vinegar and water solution to help break down hard water buildup. Never submerge electrical parts in water, bleach or vinegar. You should always use the humidifiers manufacturers instructions for cleaning and you can usually find the manual on the manufacturer’s website.

Why Should I Use Distilled Water in My Humidifier?

If you are using distilled water, you will not have to clean your humidifier as often. Also, your humidifier is much less likely to develop mold or odors. It is also much healthier as there is no hard mineral build up or bacteria growth. Most importantly, if you read the user’s manual for your humidifier, it is highly likely that the manufacturer recommends the use of distilled water!

Where Do I Buy Distilled Water?

While you can buy distilled water at the store, having a water distiller at home provides you with a consistent supply of clean water for use in humidifiers, essential oil diffusers, irons, CPAP machines, and other mechanical devices that require distilled water. But, did you know that vapor distilled water is perfect for drinking too? It is free from pollution and contaminants like nitrates, arsenic, uranium, microplastics, and much more. Forget about bottled water that can cost upwards of 0.46¢ a bottle and creates plastic waste. Instead, use a convenient home water distiller that produces fresh, clean water for about 0.02¢ a glass.

Distilled Water is Healthy

There is no doubt that distilled water is the best water for your humidifier. Your humidifier will require less upkeep, smell better, and it may even extend the life of your machine. It is also healthier as it will not release mold or mineral dust into the air. Keep yourself and your family healthy by using distilled water in your humidifier.

The Convenience of Distilled Water at Home

Have your own supply of distilled water with one of our manual countertop water distillers or our fantastic automatic water distillers. Distilled water can be used for clean, fresh drinking water, ice, cooking, baby formula, plants, pets, for irons, humidifiers, and much more. Say no to bottled water and plastic waste and protect yourself and your family from known and unknown contaminants.

Mini Classic Countertop Water Distiller

Countertop Water Distiller
With a capacity of approximately 3 liters per three and one-half hour cycle, this manually filled distiller is perfect for a single user, renters or a small family. It’s also perfect for use in a camper or RV, or taken to a second home for distilled water enjoyment away from home.

Midi Classic Automatic Water Distiller

Midi Classic Automatic Water Distiller
The Midi Classic Automatic Water Distiller has the capacity to make one gallon of distilled water every three and one-half hours and is the ideal unit for a family or small business. This distiller holds approximately five gallons of pure water in its stainless steel holding tank.

Mega Classic Automatic Water Distiller

Mega Classic Automatic Water Distiller
If you desire the ultimate in convenience and faster production, the Mega-Classic Automatic Water Distiller is perfect for you! It produces 12 gallons of distilled water per day and is equipped with a 10 storage tank.

More Uses of Distilled Water

How To Make Distilled Water

How to Make Distilled Water at Home
Learn how to make distilled water at home on your stove top and about our distilled water machines that can make this process as easy as a push of a button or simply turning on the tap.

Distilled Water For Formula

Distilled Water for Baby Formula
Pediatricians and formula makers recommend using distilled water for infant formula because it is clean and free of possible contaminants like lead, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, nitrates, and more. The damage from ingesting these toxins can lead to lifelong health problems, or in extreme cases, death.

Distilled Water For Hair

Distilled Water for Hair Care
Use distilled water for hair care including washing, rinsing, as well as making shampoo and conditioner. Keep your hair shiny and healthy with the help of distilled water.