Distilled Water for Printing Companies

Distilled Water for Printing Companies

Printers know that clean, pure water is essential to keeping printers running well, protecting equipment, and reducing downtime. Printers need to keep running to stay on target and to get orders complete. Distilled water is the most stable water to use because there are no contaminants, or minerals, which can cause inconsistencies in the final product. Distilled water outperforms any other purified water, including RO systems (reverse osmosis), water softeners, or deionization systems alone. It is also more reliable than bottled water delivery.

Water for Humidity / Reduce Static Electricity

It is essential to manage air humidity for printers. When the humidity levels fall below 40%, the friction causes static electricity to build up and can cause paper distortions or sheets to stick together. This can cause significant downtime. Humidifiers themselves benefit from distilled water as well. Using distilled water is recommended by many manufacturers, and it helps to keep the humidifiers free from mineral buildup. In addition to that, there is no fine powder created by humidification that could cause issues for air quality or printing presses.

Water for Printing

Water quality and consistency are crucial in the printing industry. If using tap water, for example, it could change frequently enough to affect the final product. When considering water treatment systems, printers often weigh the costs and benefits of production. Pure Water’s commercial water distillation systems provide consistently clean, pure water for your press.

"When you have distilled water, you just eliminate water as an issue on the press."
~Scott Stewart, President of Nebraska Printing Center

Water Softeners

Many printers utilize water softeners as pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems. By pre-treating water, the RO membrane is given a longer life. Water softeners are sometimes employed with water distillers as well to reduce wear and tear on the distillation system by reducing the buildup of hard minerals in the boiling tank. This reduces maintenance time as well.

Deionization Systems

By using the process of ion exchange, deionization removes cations like sodium, calcium, iron, copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate.1 DI Systems are not able to remove viruses, bacteria, particulates, or dissolved organic chemicals. Another downside to Deionization Systems is the cost of replacing resin, which can run between 30 to 50 cents a gallon.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis or RO systems require the membrane to be replaced frequently, and the quality of water produced will be reduced over time. In addition to that, your RO system will generate a significant amount of water waste. For every gallon of clean water, you could be pouring up to four gallons of wastewater out. As water prices rise, an increasing number of printers will look for more cost-efficient ways to get purified water. In addition to that, if you are living in a drought-stricken area, wasting water is not an option.

distillation effectiveness over time

Distillation Systems

Water distillation systems pay for themselves in a very short time, and they are an excellent investment in the future of your printing company. For a free analysis and quote, please contact us. You will get superior and consistent results, using distilled water as you won’t need to worry about changing pH levels. Our commercial water distillers make upkeep easier than the other options or combination of options, making them a favorite among printers who want consistency in their water supply. All of our commercial water distillers are produced in the United States with high-quality stainless steel. In addition to that, our friendly and helpful staff can help you design a setup that is ideal for your specific use. Distillation provides the best water for printers.


Unique Features & Benefits of Pure WaterTM Commercial Water Distillers

Machinery and Water

Tap water or water that is undertreated can affect your machinery. Don’t allow buildup to reduce the life of your equipment or increase maintenance time required to keep your presses running. Distilled water is perfect for cleaning equipment and spraying areas that are hard to reach without worrying about leaving behind residue from minerals.

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