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Al Meder - President Pure Water, Inc.Hello: I’m Al Meder, President and C.E.O. of Pure Water Brand

There are three basic things all of us on earth need to live regardless of age, color, creed or religion. Air, without which we can only live a few minutes. Water, without which we can only live a few days, and Food without which we can only live a few weeks. It is fitting that with the Internet we now have the potential to reach almost everyone on the planet with our message.

As you will read elsewhere in our web site our body weight is approximately 70% water. Water is basic to our make-up. Its essential right down to the cell level. And it’s important that we make absolutely sure that the water we drink is the purest possible. Otherwise we are putting unnecessary stress on our bodies. Unfortunately water is such a good solvent that it can be easily contaminated. This contamination can reach extreme levels where it threatens life itself. The United Nations has estimated that 25,000 persons die each day as a result of drinking contaminated water. This is an extreme situation and certainly not the norm. However, you can see that in its extreme water pollution can be deadly.

We strongly believe that a component of living a healthy life is to ensure that you drink water free from contaminants and that has lead to our brief mission statement "Improving the Quality of Life Through the Quality of Water" and our slogan "Pure Water - Essential for Life".

That’s why we have been pioneers in the development of distillation technology. Distillation can turn highly polluted sea-water into drinking water without filters or membranes. Read more about distillation, Nature’s Hydrologic Cycle and how Guam gets its water in the various pages of our web-site.

We have tried to make our web site interesting, educational and give you a sense that Pure Water is concerned about all inhabitants of our plant. You will find a wide range of products. Perhaps you would like to be the proud owner of one. Perhaps you would like to market our products. There are opportunities in many parts of the U.S.A. and in many countries around the world.

Enjoy your time at our site and let us know what you think - even if you think we could do better. We certainly appreciate your interest.

Al Meder

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