Recent News About Water Contamination

FBI joins probe of Flint, Michigan's lead contaminated wate

The FBI is joining a criminal investigation into why Flint residents have been exposed to lead in their water.

Veterans Group to Seek Information on Contaminated Water at Camp Lejeune

Ensminger’ 6-year-old daughter, Janey, died from Leukemia in the fall of 1985 after being exposed to the toxic water.

Uranium Contaminating Central Valley Drinking Systems

They're bringing in bottled water for students to drink but other public water systems, and many private wells, could also be at risk for contamination.

Skin Problems Due to Bad Water in Michigan

Some Flint residents are complaining that the city's water is causing skin problems for some children.

Settlement Reached in Crestwood Contaminated Water Case

For years residents didn't know why so many people were becoming sick. It wasn't until years later that the cause became known.

Water Contamination Linked to Stillbirths in Massachusetts

For nearly 20 years, New Englanders drank and bathed in water without knowing it was laced with a neurotoxin.

Algae and Toledo's Water Contamination

Massive algal blooms like the one that has turned the waters of Lake Erie florescent green and contaminated the drinking water of Toledo, Ohio.

Water contamination a risk in California drought, experts warn

California's drought has put 10 communities at acute risk of running out of drinking water in 60 days, and worsened numerous other health and safety problems.