Medical and Hospital Water Distillation Systems

Pure Water for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Distilled Water for Medical Facilities

We have a variety of commercial distillers available for medical facilities and they can be custom built to suit specific purity and use cases. We carry everything from small countertop models to large systems that produce over 600 gallons a day. Custom made systems can produce even more.

Our distillers provide protection against microbiological and chemical contamination. Our distillers produce consistently pure water. Our equipment has permanent air gaps to prevent cross contamination. Our water is also Biosecure due to prolonged boiling and phase-change steam separation.

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Clean Drinking Water for Patients

Caring for patients is the most important task any hospital is faced with. Babies, the sick and elderly often have weaker immune systems and need to be protected. Providing distilled water for formula, for drinking and cooking protects patients from potential unknown illnesses and stress on the immune system. For example, in 1993 there was a cryptosporidium outbreak in Milwaukee. Patients who came to the hospital were also exposed to the same water. This outbreak affected over 400,000 people and cost over $96 million dollars in healthcare and lost productivity. 69 people lost their lives.

Clean Drinking Water for Staff

In the event of a natural disaster or man-made disaster, it is extremely important for staff to have access to clean water so that they do not get sick. When an emergency situation takes place, all doctors, nurses and staff need to be healthy so that they can take care of others properly. Without medical staff, who will help others back to health? Aside from that, everyone should be drinking toxin free water provided by a water distiller.

Distilled Water for Lab Use

Our water distillation systems are sturdy and reliable and have been in use in laboratories for over 45 years worldwide! We are the leader in laboratory water distillers. From our smallest countertop models to large custom designed units, we've got any lab of any size covered. Our distillers are made in the USA from stainless steel and are a fine investment for any lab.

Distilled Water for Autoclaves

Autoclaves require the purest water available and most are fitted with a purity sensor and will not operate on tap water. Our distillers for autoclaves pre-filter the water and then distill it providing the absolute purest water available for sterilization. Your autoclave will love our distilled water.

Distilled Water for Scrub Stations

No need to worry about contaminated water being used before surgery if Pure Water distillers are being used. Doctors or staff can scrub their hands with confidence knowing that they will not bring any foreign bacteria into the operating theater from the water.

Emergeny Preparedness

Since hospitals are the focal point of all community emergencies, a secure water supply must be one of the most important considerations for public safety. Pure Water Distillers provide the highest level of security during emergencies and can be used on biologically contaminated water supplies. As an example of the trust we have earned, the Pure Water Brand of water distillers have been used by over 100 US Embassies all around the world. Embassies are particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and Embassy personnel has found that steam-distillation offers the best level of protection within the Embassy itself and for Embassy staff who have systems in their residences for 24/7 protection.