Water Distillers for Government Agencies

Government Agency Water Distillation Systems

Pure Water provides peace of mind in an ever-changing world. During a disaster, human-made or natural, clean, safe drinking water is of the utmost importance. Government agencies such as embassies rely on Pure Water Distillers to meet the needs of their most valuable resource, people. Being able to control ones own water supply means your water is safe.

Pure Water offers secure drinking water systems that are in over 100 US Embassies around the world because they provide a consistent supply of fresh, distilled water, which is the highest level of protection against the full range of possible contaminants. We provide premium water distillers for these high-security facilities as well as small systems to protect the staff at home. We also offer risk assessment and water education services.

Examples of Government Agencies and Locations That Benefit from Water Distillers

Diagram of Water Distiller in Office Setting

Embassy or office setup of water distiller

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