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Dental Purity water distillers allow dentists to take control of their own supply of distilled water so they can ensure patient safety and protect their expensive dental equipment. Distilled water is water that has been boiled, sterilized and purified. Distilled water helps to prevent bacteria and biofilm build-up in water lines so dentist can provide a safe water supply for patients. Pure distilled water also allows for optimum operation, reduced maintenance and increased lifespan for your autoclaves.

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Long Lasting High Quality Stainless Steel

Dental Purity distillers are long lasting, stainless steel machines built specifically for dentists with a prefilter so that the water collected is pure and ready to use with your autoclave.

Save Money & Time

Why buy bottled water? It is expensive and takes time to go to the store, not to mention that those bottles take up storage space. Select a manual unit for smaller dental offices or an automatic one for larger practices.

DP360 Countertop Distiller

DP360 Dental Distiller

The easy to use manual countertop dental distiller is as easy to use as a coffee maker. Simply fill the boiling tank with tap water, turn the unit on and it will produce 3 liters of distilled water in about three hours.

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DP850 Automatic Distiller

DP850 Dental Water Distiller

The DP850 is an automatic distiller that is attached to the water line. It automatically produces up to 7 gallons of steam distilled water each day and has a 5 gallon storage tank. There is also an optional stand. This unit is perfect for a slightly larger dental office.

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