DP360 Countertop Dental Distiller

DP360 Dental Distiller

DP360 120 Volt UPC: 858491006243

DP360 240 Volt UPC: 858491006250


  • Item#: DP360
  • Machine Dry Weight: 26 lbs. (12 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
  • Height 120v: 15.75” (40 cm)
  • Height 240v: 16.5” (42 cm)
  • Width: 13.75” (35 cm)
  • Depth: 9.875” (25 cm)
  • Amps 120v: 6.9 amps
  • Current Draw 240v: 3.5 amps
  • Total Wattage: 800 watts

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Clean Distilled Water

The DP360 Steam countertop dental distiller machine is perfect for smaller dental offices. Just plug in the DP360 and it's ready to go. The DP360 is as easy to operate as a coffee maker.

Fill the boiling tank with tap water, turn on and it will make about 3 liters of distilled water per batch. The DP360 is built to last in the United States with only the highest quality components and very little maintenance.

  • Manual Operation
  • No Installation Required
  • Low Maintenance
  • Perfect for Small Dental Offices
  • Comes With a Five Year Limited Warranty, 2 Years On Electric Components

Take Control of Your Distilled Water

The DP360 allows you to take control of your own supply of pure, steam distilled water. No more running out of distilled water at the last minute, trips to the store, or wasted bottle storage space.

Simple Operation

The DP360 is as simple to operate as a coffee maker. Simply fill the boiling tank with tap water, turn the unit on and it will produce 3 liters of distilled water in about 3 hours.


For 40 years, dentists around the world have used our premium steam distillation appliances (under different brand names) to ensure that they are using the highest quality water at all times.



According to the American Dental Association, dental unit waterlines have been shown to harbor, in signifi cant numbers, a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and protozoans.


New autoclaves and Statim machines require pure distilled water on a consistent basis or they will not operate properly and their lifespan could be shortened.


Dentists should use only pure, steam-distilled water in their Dental Units and autoclaves.

Recommended by Unthank Design Group

Your counter top distiller is designed to provide you with a convenient and economical supply of pure water for:

“For patient safety, we have long advocated using steam-distilled water in a closed water system for dental delivery. A DENTAL PURITY in-office distillation system provides for a convenient continuous supply of the purest water.” ~ Michael Unthank DDS