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We have over 40 years of experience in distillation and our products are built to last.

Commercial Water Distillation Systems
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Dental Distillers

Dental Purity™ water distillation machines allow dentists to take control of their own supply of distilled water so they can ensure patient safety and protect equipment.

Dental Water Distillers

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Ultima Classic

The Ultima Classic Water Cooler dispenses distilled water in hot, cold or room temperature, with the push of a button. This is the highest quality, best tasting water available.

Uses: Homes & Offices

Ultima Classic Distiller

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C-50 Water Distiller

The C-50, with 50 gallon storage, provides high quality steam distilled water for commercial and institutional applications.

Uses: Hospitals, Restaurants, Factories, Labs, Schools & More

C60 Commercial Water Distiller

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C-60/75 Water Distiller

The C-60/75, with 60-75 gallon storage, provides high quality steam distilled water for commercial and institutional applications.

Uses: Hospitals, Restaurants, Factories, Labs, Schools & More

C60/75 Commercial Water Distiller

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DP850 Dental Distiller

DP850 Distillation machine is perfect for medium or large dental offices.

DP850 Dental Water Distiller

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DP360 Dental Distiller

Our DP360 Steam-Distillation Appliance is perfect for smaller dental offices.

DP360 Dental Water Distiller

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C-630 Water Distiller

The C-630 Commercial Water Distillation system is in use around the world.

C630 Commercial Water Distiller

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Business Uses of Distilled Water

Distilled water has many uses and Pure Water commercial water distillers are in use in thousands of companies worldwide.
Distilled Water for Hospitals

Medical / Hospital Distillers

We have a variety of commercial distillers available for medical facilities and they can be custom built to suit specific purity and use cases. We carry everything from small countertop models to large systems that produce over 600 gallons a day. Custom made systems can produce even more.

Distilled Water for government agencies

Distilled Water for Government Agencies

Pure Water provides peace of mind in an ever-changing world. During a disaster, human-made or natural, clean, safe drinking water is of the utmost importance. Government agencies such as embassies rely on Pure Water Distillers to meet the needs of their most valuable resource, people.

Distillers for Dentists

Dental Water Distillers

Dental Purity water distillers are long-lasting, sturdy, stainless steel machines built specifically for dentists with a prefilter so that the water collected is pure and ready to use with an autoclave.

Lab water distillers

Laboratory Distillers

Pure & Secure LLC, through our Pure Water Scientific brand, produces water distillation systems specifically for laboratory use. Our pure water systems reliably and consistently produce lab grade distilled water for preparing solutions, final rinsing of laboratory glassware, rinsing electrodes and rinsing sample bottles.

Water for Food Processing

Water for Food Processing

Food processors use distilled water as an ingredient in food products as well as to clean equipment or surfaces. Water quality is a vital part of operations. Water must be clean and clear, as well as tasteless and odorless, to be used in food production as an ingredient.

Distilled Water for Printing Companies

Water for Printing Companies

Printers know that clean, pure water is essential to keeping printers running well, protecting equipment, and reducing downtime. Printers need to keep running to stay on target and to get orders complete. Distilled water is the most stable water to use because there are no contaminants, or minerals, which can cause inconsistencies in the final product. Distilled water outperforms any other purified water, including RO systems (reverse osmosis), water softeners, or deionization systems alone. It is also more reliable than bottled water delivery.

Distilled Water for Hydroponics

Distilled Water for Hydroponics

Pure Water® commercial water distillers are great for hydroponics. Our commercial water distillation systems produce hundreds of gallons of distilled water every day and they can be networked as well. Our industrial water distillers have useful features including leak detection and shut down, automatic drain, built in pump, stainless steel storage tank, and water quality monitor. Pure Water has been producing water distillers for more than fifty years and are proud to supply units worldwide. We can also help with the installation of our water distillation machines and provide technical assistance and advice.

Drinking Water Systems for the Office

Our distillation systems for the office can save businesses time, space, money and hassle. The excellent quality and long life of our distillers means that you will be able to generate a significant income from these machines for many years to come. Pure Water Distillation Systems for the office provide the highest quality drinking water available directly to one or more water coolers that can be conveniently located around the office.

Different Types of Distillation Systems

The different systems available can produce from 12 to 60 gallons of drinking water every day. This is the equivalent of 2 to 12, five gallon bottles every day, which should be plenty of drinking water for most businesses. Larger systems are also available.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance required for our distillers is a benefit to both you and the customer. The customer will benefit by the uninterrupted supply of fresh, great tasting water without the hassles associated with bottled water. It will benefit you because you be able to keep your investment in servicing personnel down.

Some of the other benefits that our Pure Water Distillation Systems for the office offer are as follows:

  • No more lifting bottles! Five gallon bottles weigh 40 pounds!
  • They are a hassle and they’re dangerous to lift! How much money does it cost a company to pay for Workman’s Comp.
  • No more bottles laying around the place just taking up space!
  • Pure Water Distillation Systems for the office can save businesses quite a bit over what they would spend on bottled water every month!
  • Businesses should never run out of water with a Pure Water Distillation System!
  • Save time, space, money and hassle.

Easy Installation

This is a typical installation in an office environment.

Example of Office Installation